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(come here if you need something fresher)


The SeamysideWe often receive complaints of our art being hard to understand. Well after you watch this one you won't need to think of understanding anymore. The point is... it's beyond any comprehension.


Sensation! For the first time in history video camera shot an inhabitant of the alien dimention!


Just another piece-of-toon...


MicroscopeNew animation piece in the Scary Dolls section: Microscope.
Although this cartoon is in Russian, please don't be confused. We believe you won't need the words to understand it. Just look at it as a weird vaudeville...


Transformer RobotTwo news today!

The first one: The first in history tribute to Amontillado has been recorded and published on the Gillidu.narod.ru web-site. The covered song is Strawberry Spring. The file is not to large though and it is Flash.

The second news is about a new scary doll. Let us introduce to you the Transformer Robot!

Photo-session from a recent computer festival in Moscow has been added. Mr. Andrei Bakhurin was hailing "Viva Putin!" but nobody seemed to be moved...

Anton Mikhailov Gallery The Art Gallery of Anton Mikhailov has opened! Please come and check his outstanding work!

NEWS OF THE YEAR! Offiial web-site of SSSR band has been launched!


SSSR is a new live project by the former members from Amontillado. However, we believe that our new band will be completely different. The new site is still being fixed and is pretty raw, but some basic information is already there waiting for you.
And of course this (Amontillado.sp.ru) web-site will keep functioning and updated as an extensive creative dump.

Finally we've made it to our FIRST VIDEO! Actually it's an animated flash video for our unreleased song Strawberry Spring. The song had been inspired by a Stephen King story with the same name.

Flash-thriller Happy Birthday onscreen! Specially (or especially) for David Lynch fans.
(Flash 6 or later needed!!!)

You're welcome to play our Chess-game with highly developed AI (Flash 5 or later needed!!!)

Check out new Interactive movie about the Amontillado performans in the Scary-Dolls Club!
You will need a Flash.5 plugin to see this movie. In case you don't have it you can easily download it by clicking on the button to the left

...as far as I know, they keep it in some place where the sun don't ever shine. And the lady's face is smeared with toothpaste... Check out the fresh stuff in the Gallery.

We apologise for any troubles that you may have encounter during the past couple of days. We were busy refreshing all the files on the server. However, now we hope everything's awesome. Please check out our new Esoteric Flash-prewiew!

Unbelieveable news: David Byrne partners with Microsoft

There is a house not far from where I live. If you enter the arch you'll appear instantly in ruins in another part of the city. This seems to be the only place in St. Petersburg where natural teleportation actually works... See a new painting in the Gallery

We've just launched new design of this site. Hope it's even more repulsing than before! What do yoou think, though? Please write us!

Check out the fresh load of comic strips in the Gallery

Merry Christmas everybody says the Fedya Doll!

WE DID IT!!! Our new CD has finally been released! It's called The BLOODY CIRCUS and will soon be available in MP3!!! Click on the cover (on the right) to find out more!

See the radically new exclusive section: the Amontillado Posters!

Finally we've done it: the Amontillado EP Three Stories is now available in MP3!!! (whatever that means)

Farting Doll and Fedya Doll are added to the Scary Dolls section. Enjoy and RE-PULSE!

DimikNov.28.2000; 4:am
New bass player has been born - Dmitry Anton Mikhailov, as heavy as 3.750kg and as tall as 1 foot 9". Someday he's gonna show us all what the REAL RE-PULSE music sounds like.

Oct.4.2000 Habbal Gharmin records - the company that releases our music has introduced their own site at last. Check it out.

Sep.6.2000 The Amontilliado have now become hosts of the RE-PULSE Movement Web Ring! Check in to join at the bottom of this page.

Sep.3.2000 Anton V. Mikhailov played bass with the Bastonada Improvising during their gig at some festival. The event took place onboard a ship near the Peter and Paul Foertress. Anton's gloomy face was shown in the Channel-5 TV news programm. Anton says the ship rocking made musicians throw up and play syncope. You bet it did.

Aug.17.2000 We are extremely glad to report that our Three Stories EP is now available in bootleg copies! We would like to take a chance and say thanks a million to all bootleggers ever: without their assistance every music-thirsty individual on the planet would be suffocated in the invisible RE-PULSE vacuum.

Aug.15.2000 An Art Gallery of Fedor Gromov, our guitar man has open! And don't forget visiting new genuine Rag-dolls: they ARE hungry.

Jul.31.2000 Check a NEW bi-lingual Comic strip about our guitar man!

Jul.24 2000 Invisible RE-PULSE has taken a breath: see the new inhabitants of the Gallery and Scary Dolls.

Jul. 21 2000
SCARY DOLLS - a new section is introduced on our site! They're not so scary and whaiting for you to play with them. Just remember: every doll has its own history... Now available: Sveta, Gordon-the-Bat, Gosha

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