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SSSR - the Amontillado next incarnation
RE-PULSE sounds like an interesting magazine....something that seems just a bit more controlled than punk rock or the like! RE-PULSE is an isolation on one party's part from another party; however, the word also has connotations that both parties are involved in this process.
In other words, the first party is RE-PULSEd by the second party's actions. A third party is not RE-PULSEd by the same treatment. Therefore, party B performs an action, party A chooses to be RE-PULSEd while party C chooses not to be RE-PULSEd.
And great examples of this exist from how people respond to human acts such as war, violence, murder, kindness etc.

Dr. James Thoene

conception of Amontillado

    From the very beginning Amontillado has been performing RE-PULSE style.
    The main purpose of Amontillado as a RE-PULSE band is to resist the dominance of the pop-culture in Saint-Petersburg (the music/art center in Russia).

The Ankh        Strategy & Tactics
We refuse all the means used by modern musicans in order to obtain their popularity. It means that we

  • take no part in any social activities, festivals, etc
  • perform on stage as seldom as once in few months
  • wellcome constant fluctuation of members in our band
  • sing our songs in tortured English hard to understand
  • stuff like that.

    Although each member of Amontillado may have his own preferences in music, he must be selflessly devoted to the ideas of RE-PULSE.
    Being a RE-PULSE band, Amontillado sticks to the following policy:

  1. Using the basic music patterns (for example, some forms of the American pop-music, such as Post Punk, Blues, Hardcore, Funk, Country and Western, etc.) we determine a key theme and then we beat it to death with our instruments.
  2. Deliberate dilettantism (i.e. we play the untuned instruments, the sound producer should be as drunk as possible, the technical equipment should be slightly defective).
  3. RE-PULSE music is a combination of rythm, melody and agression.
  4. As a rule, we use English lyrics in our songs, so its meaning stays beyond understanding for 100% of the audience. Nevertheless, our songs are emotionally  loaded and have a very big influence upon the musicians themselves.
  5. The "d" part implies that the voice is, first of all, a musical instrument. It is not a narrative means.
  6. The integral elements of our music are sex, pain, terror, blood, selftorture and an esoteric premise saying that "there isn't any really dead thing in the whole universe".
  7. Since the music of Amontillado is a pure imrovisation, even the members of the band never know what's going to happen when they come on stage.
  8. The morbid humor is a very important quality among those required from the members of Amontillado.
  9. Participating in Amontillado brings no commercial profit to its members.
  10. Western bands playing RE-PULSE music do not have any influence upon Amontillado.

    From  the people who came to our concerts or have bought our tape we except the followinfg reaction:

  • bewilderness
  • irritation
  • hatered/detesfation
  • despair
  • orgasm


The Existentional motivation of the RE-PULSE-band Amontillado

  1. According to the idea that everything in the world is correlated, that each thing in the Universal space plays its own important part, Amontillado is considered as a link in the global chain of the modern civilization.
  2. Although we can determine Amontillado as a "link", the other links it is connected to stay unknown to us.
  3. We suppose there is a certain man we don't know and neither he is aware of our existence. The true purpose of Amontillado is to be heard by this certain man someday and make him do or not do something and therefore help him to fullfil his own part as the next link in the chain.
  4. The popularity of Amontillado, in this aspect, isn't important at all. The only thing that bothers us is that we've created a precedent or, in the oter words, Amontillado exists and its message is waiting for the one who is destined to hear it.

    All mentioned above is the existensional motivation of the RE-PULSE band Amontillado.

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